Juggling Workshop – Corporate Teambuilding Activity

Planning a business event? Do you need a corporate entertainer to give your group some focus, kick-start the day or overcome that post-luncheon slump in a long day of seminars? Niels Duinker, three-times Guinness World Records record holder, offers corporate groups a novel opportunity to develop the key areas of confidence, trust and team-building with his Juggling Workshop.

For groups containing 3-250 participants

Niels Duinker is based in Las Vegas, NV.

Already working with top-level corporate clients in the Netherlands in addition to his high-profile international commitments, Niels shares his talents in a venue of your choice with groups from just 10 to several hundred people at a time. Colleagues who have never juggled in their lives could be keeping three balls in the air within a matter of minutes and can even learn to juggle in pairs! This fun activity has its serious side: it’s all about the mindset. Building self-confidence and trust, it gets people working together to achieve a common goal. Think how that could benefit your business!

For more information have a look at the following pages. You may also be interested in these testimonials from some of Niels’ many clients:

“I would like to thank you for the juggling workshop that you lead. It was an excellent metaphor for the program of the previous 2 days. It linked back to 3 key-takeaways that each staff member decided to focus on and it energized the group.”
Mr. A.J. van Kesteren, VP & CIO Global Functions IT – Shell International B.V.




“We only have received positive reactions from all the 650 people that have joined in into the juggling workshop today”.
Lieutenant J. Voncken – Royal Netherlands Army | Ministry of Defence


“The way you have adopted our theme in the workshop made this activity fit perfectly in our training day”.
Drs. Van der Zande-Loos – Rotterdam University


“The response of the audience on your presentation was very enthusiastic and you had their full attention”.
Irene Rompa – TEDx Amsterdam


For some impressions please click on the video link below. This video will show some elements of the workshop and give you a good impression of the unique experience to be expected!

If you have never juggled before, the act of juggling may look quite intimidating. As we know – In business fear generally isn’t a good indicator. With the right guidance, almost anybody will be able to master the juggling of 3 balls within an hour. This common succes will bound your group through collective fun and successful teamwork. Next to individual practice, this workshop also contains several elements in which the central thought is teamwork. Two or more people will then juggle together in a mutual exercise. It is our experience that this juggling workshop represents a combination of good fun and a platform to introduce serious themes. It will provide you with a perfect kick off for new strategies and stimulates inter-departmental cooperation. Juggling will help the group to reflect on the training and relieve the participants of the daily stress.

Niels Duinker has been a guest lecturer at the Codarts Circus Arts Bachelor program in Rotterdam, the Pontys Circus Arts Bachelor program in Tilburg and the National Circus School of Taiwan. He knows his business and if you have a quick scan of The Guiness Book of World Records you will find his name!

This workshop was designed to host any kind of number of participants up to a couple of hundred people.

“The workshop of an hour provided a nice intermission between all the presentations on the change program concerning our organization”.
Pieter Reijnders, Managing Director HandedBy

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